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When it comes to fence painting and staining we’ve gotten about as good as it gets. Fence painting and fence staining require a specific set of equipment and skills if you want it to look as good as possible- we’ve got that and more. 

  • Fence Painting & Fence Staining
  • We offer minor repairs for older fences
  • Years of experience painting and staining fences
  • Usually a 2 day turnover for most fence painting projects.

Our Fence Painting Process

  • Check Wood Quality


    We make sure the wood is in good shape and ready for a coat of stain or paint.

  • Pressure Wash & Repair


    We get the fence ready for a new coat of paint, whether it was recently installed or not- we approach it similarly.

  • 2 Layers of Coating


    Spray finish high quality coatings onto your fence to leave a factory like look.


What Separates Us From The Competition?

Wood Specialists

When it comes to painting and staining wood, we're about as good as it gets. We love staining wood.

Expertise & Knowledge

Our crews are well trained and highly knowledgable. There's 0 guesswork in our painting process.

We Clean Up

Our job isn't finished until we've picked up after ourselves. No crazy painting messes anywhere we work.

Always On Time

Reliability is the best trait a painting contractor can have. If we say we're going, then that's when we're going.

Price Commitment

We don't nicke and dime our customers or trick them with "surprise" upcharges. Our quote is our final price.

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Fence Painting Atlanta. We have been painting fences in the Atlanta area for years. We are pleased to deliver high-quality fence painting services to the whole area. When it comes to fence painting the GApaintingcompany never misses a beat. We complete every aspect of the fence painting to perfection.

So, if you’re interested in fence painting near Atlanta, we are the company for you, with years of experience, dedication, and attention to every minute detail, we strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. No matter what.

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Atlanta Fence Painting And Staining

Atlanta fence painting and staining.

 It brings us joy to elevate the appearance of homes. We take pride in our perfected fence painting formula. That brings us to the next topic of discussion.

What does Fence Painting Atlanta Entail?

Preparing The Surface

A pervasive aspect of the fence painting industry is the necessity of making sure that the surface of the fence is completely clean. That means clearing out all of the debris, obstacles impeding view, dirt, or even removing old old paint/ stain. 

This is most often done by means of a soft wash with a pressure washer. 

We also make sure the lightly sand the surface of the fence in order to remove rough areas or flaking paint/stain. This part of the process has to be done well in order to make sure that the paint we’re going to apply later adheres well to the surface of the fence. Otherwise, the longevity of the work will be limited to a few short years. 

Choose your paint or stain

Once the surface is clean and void of any imperfections, we make sure our customers are properly walked through the process of picking the right stain/paint for them. 

For example, if a customer wants their fence to have a more natural finish, then we recommend a clear stain. If they might want a colored finish, they may choose a solid-colored stain or paint.

We always make sure to choose the right product given the desired outcome of the customer.

Apply the paint or stain

Depending on the size of the fence we will use a brush, roller, or sprayer. It all varies based on the specific job and the difficulties that we encounter along the way. 

As for the specific process, we make sure to start top-down in order to make sure that the water-based product is distributed evenly and neatly along the surface of the fence. If we are using a sprayer, we will make sure that the customer is aware and we will plan accordingly by covering any trees or plants in the surrounding area.

Allow to Dry

After the first coat has been applied, we need to let the paint/stain dry before coming in with the second coat. 

Touch Up

After the second coat has dried, we make sure to inspect the surface of the fence for any missed posts or areas that need touch-ups. 

Clean Up

When we are finished we always make sure to clean all of our tools and dispose of any/ all trash on the property before we depart. We will also make sure to communicate with the customer in order to make sure that they are fully satisfied before we depart.


Atlanta Fence Painting

Atlanta fence painting has to be one of our highest-quality products. That is why we give our 100% commitment to customer satisfaction. Before we leave every job we make sure that the job is completed to perfection. 

Our Commitment:


We make sure to properly communicate with our customers in order to make sure their needs are satisfied. We have seen too many painting companies in the area take advantage of good people. Adding random prices to quotes, leaving without communicating that the job has been finished, and taking liberties on others’ property without permission.

We think that this is unacceptable and that is why we are committed to communicating properly with our customers throughout the entire fence painting process.


We are 100% accountable for all of our errors. If we make a mistake on your property we will own up to it, and fix the problem as soon as we can. We try to be completely honest and transparent with all of our customers, and it has led us to thrive in such a competitive market.

Not only do we offer high-quality “fence painting Atlanta”, but are also transparent about the entire process, pricing, and rate of completion. 

Quality Service

That being said, our fence painting services are top-notch. So, if you’re interested in fence painting in the Atlanta area, we are your company. 

Our professional team of painters is up to any job no matter the size or level of difficulty.  

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What Customers Say About US

Great team! That will get the job done! My wife loves our stained deck and we always get compliments from guests.

Sebastain shared great advice answered all questions that we're asked, l would recommend and use there pressure washing services again, Sebastain had done a very good job my driveway and sidewalk there's a tremendous difference.

Great prices. On time. Excellent service. Highly recommend.

Highly professional, always on time, and great quality for a very fair price.

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